Many of you may be struggling with the question of whether it's better to purchase or lease a home?  And, I bet you have a myriad of "pros and cons" that can be listed on both sides which makes finding the right answer for you, and your family, at this time, even more difficult.  Well, I may just have the answer to this very question through a little known program offered by a company called Home Partners of America. 

Basically, Home Partners of America is offering you the opportunity to try, before you buy, at a price similar to a rental in the same market.  Try out the neighborhood, try out the home, Lease-To-Own a home that is in ready to sell shape instead of one that has been rented over and over.  Perhaps there's a chance of a transfer in a year or two, that's not set in stone, but you don't want to take the chance of purchasing a home only to turn around and sale in a year.  

All of this can be handled quickly and easily though Home Partners of America's program.  Need more information, watch this video of me explaining the program on HGTV, click on the Lease-To-Own tab of my website or call/text me anytime at (904) 635-1086.  I love this program and would be happy to explain it to you personally.