So, it's time to sell your home. Ugh!  This is tough... How do you go about it?  What should you do first?  Can you sell it on your own?  The truth is, in most cases, it pays to hire the professional.  You wouldn't fill your own cavity, right?

Although tempting to go it on your own, keep this in mind.  According to the National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers the average FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sales price was $185,000, while the average price for a home represented by an agent was $245,000. That's a difference of $60,000! Hiring an agent just covered the cost associated! 

List Price - Your Real Estate Professional will provide an accurate home value based on a researched and comprehensive market analysis to guide you toward the RIGHT listing price. Your want your home priced in the sweet spot—not too high, where potential buyers may pass you by, and not so low that you end up leaving money on the table.

Home Preparation - A Real Estate Agent will give you tried and true advice on home staging and necessary updates.  Should you completely re-model your kitchen or will paint, minor updates and a good cleaning do?  An agent can counsel you on how to spend the least amount of money to set up your home in order to get the best outcome.

Marketing - Most buyers start online and sellers going the For Sale By Owner route are unlikely to get the full exposure needed to effectively market their home.  A Real Estate Professional will see beautiful, professional photos are taken (they pay for this!) and will place your home on a multiple listing service making the listing immediately available to thousands of agents who may already be working with potential buyers for you!  And, most national Real Estate Brokerages have sharing deals with a myriad of Real Estate web sites ensuring wide spread viewing of your home.  As a seller, you could pay BIG bucks for advertising and still not receive this kind of exposure!

Showings - They can be a PAIN!  Keeping up with showing calls and schedules, putting up with looky-loos, "investors" and derogatory comments on your home all while smiling and remembering, "it's business, not personal".  Why not let someone not personally involved handle this and save you the angst and heartburn? 

Handling Offers - The same goes for negotiating an offer.  It's very hard to keep calm when buyers want a good price and don't like the tree you planted on Mother's Day 10 years ago.  Let the agent be the go between and ease the situation.  Not to mention paper work and legalities.

Paperwork - As the seller, do you know every law and required paperwork specific to your community? For instance, did you know every home built before 1978 needs an addendum regarding lead-based paint? Not having all the paperwork in order may open you up to lawsuits and future liabilities.  While there are programs online to assist you, an agent is licensed and trained to do so... Let the professional make your life easier.

Call me, Vince Fattizzi | Coldwell Banker Premier Properties today for an absolutely free market analysis.  I may just make your day!